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An exclusive selection of herbal teas and infusions blends perfectly complements the relaxing ambiance of spas and wellness centers. Antonelli products, designed with passion and care, are perfect to elevate any experience of relax and pure pleasure.

Il viaggio nel benessere inizia dalla selezione accurata delle erbe, delle radici provenienti da tutto il mondo.

Antonelli exclusive blends are the culmination of years of research and cooperation with experts in the field, resulting in balanced and refined flavors ready to delight the most discerning palates. Each sip is an invitation to explore distant cultures and dive into a world of unparalleled sensations.

Every spa and wellness center is as unique as the needs of our clients. That's why Antonelli offers a diverse selection of infusions and herbal teas tailored to customize each experience.

Discover our range of herbal teas and infusions that has been specially designed to enhance the sensory experience and relaxation of your clients. Antonelli’s accurate selection of aromatic delights isn’t just an elegant addition, but a chance to transform your spa into a haven of tranquillity and well-being where every element contributes to crafting an immersive and memorable ambiance. From exquisite infusions to soothing herbal teas, each option is designed to cater the most discerning tastes and embrace the diversity of individual preferences.

DIscover our Tea and Herb Tea catalogue

From premium infusions to relaxing herbal teas, each option is designed to satisfy the most discerning palates and embrace the diversity of individual preferences

Tè & Tì – Bagged teas and infusions

tè in filtro piramidale

Teas and herbal teas in pyramid filters

Loose-leaf tea

Tea Flowers

The Art of Infusion

The best teas from around the world


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